Monday, January 13, 2014

After Holiday Re-BOOT!!

Happy New Year, and we hope your New Year’s Resolutions are treating you well.

You might have been seeing an increase amount of friends, family, celebrities, and strangers talk about starting a cleanse or pursuing a detox regiment.

So why should you do a cleanse?

Here are some important reasons why you should perform a cleanse:
  1. Over-indulgence of food and libations during the holidays is taxing your body and organs in the New Year
  2. Build-up of waste in your stomach affects your digestion and overall well-being
  3. The increase of synthetic chemicals and pesticides used to treat the foods and vegetables that you’re eating, which is continuing to add to the body’s congestion
  4. Low mineral & nutrient contents in the processed foods that you’re eating are negatively affecting your body’s acid levels
  5. You’re not eating enough “acid fighting” foods and vegetables so your body continues to be out of balance and continues the build-up of dangerous acid levels
  6. The build-up of stress during holidays and jumping back to your daily work & life routine adds further stress and acid build-up to your body
These reasons contribute to the build-up of acids & toxins and puts undue pressure on your vital organs and lymphatic system – which is your body’s filtration system.   When this happens, you’re more likely to become sick, fatigued, bloated, and run down.

Thus, performing a CLEANSE provides you with a QUICK and EFFECTIVE way to REBOOT your body to help you expel the build-up of toxins and acids in your body.
And how long should you perform a cleanse?

The average cleanse program is between 5 and 10 days.  The length depends on how your body is responding and how quickly you feel better.

For the first few days of a cleanse, as your body begins to expel the toxins and acids, you will feel a bit congested and somewhat out of balance. This usually clears up by the 3rd or 4th day.

From there, your sense of smell and taste should become more elevated. The congestion in your head should have gone away and you become more clear-headed.

Once you start to feel better, it becomes a matter of how long you want to continue to perform the cleanse to help purge the remaining toxins and acids, and get a boost of energy and vitality.

The most popular cleanse out there (and for good reason) is the Master Cleanse.

Those who know about this cleanse know that the big drawback to it is the fact that you must prepare the Master Cleanse using several ingredients, and it is often messy and inconvenient to prepare and store.

However, for those of us who seek efficiency and want an easier way of going about things, pHion’s Master Cleanse program is by far the best way to go about it as we have sourced the best ingredients and have taken the guess work out of blending the necessary ingredients to create the Cleanse product to use.

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