Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Happy Day to YOU!!
Thank you for taking a moment to read my thought of the day. 
I have been thinking about how 'Preparation meets OPPORTUNITY' and how in life this holds very true most of the time. Timing is everything and it is who you know that can turn a corner in your favor. These are sweet little tender mercies that I hope we all recieve in our lives from time to time. I feel it is always better to seek those posistive opportunities that may go your way to help you better live the life you have always wanted by design. It is a gift when this happens!
My question to you is this...what happens when you find yourself swirling around with a situation that you are not prepared for emotionally of which you have no control.....how do we prepare for something like this? We don't......but we do have one resource that we can invest in consistantly everyday for our preparation pocket on a dalily basis to help us cope better when these types of tradgities that will arise in our worlds. There are many studies that prove that your greatest 'Preparation' in facing life challenging events can be met head on with much greater strength when we are physically FIT! This may sound like such a simple solution and you may not buy into the idea. This statement is very true and it has sound scientific results that have proven this to be true. I have experienced this first hand especially this year in my world and it is truly my health and fitness deposits towards 'Wellness' that has saved my life!
We don't need any more proof of clarity on the benefits of staying healthy on a full spectrum 'Wellness Level', because most of us know that this is logical. However; you can be assured that the empowing effects of staying fit can help you deal with the many difficult challenges that will come your way as you walk through your own school of life.

Go out and get yourself some 'Fit Deposits' today!! I am heading out for my one hour fitness deposIt right now...Blue Skies....http://fitterisfunner

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