Sunday, February 3, 2013

'Fitter Is Funner' Mission Statement....Hearts on Fire Feb. 2013...Get Your Heart ON!!

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Mission Statement

Fitter Is Funner defines my personal feelings about each one of our struggles and striving to achieve more  ‘Wellness’ and ‘Holism’
In our daily lives…While there are always distractions, illness, emotional hardships, injuries and a lack of desire to HELP OURSELVES towards a Happier and Healthier life-style…the one thing we ALL have in common is a DESIRE TO HAVE A STRONG HEALTHY MIND AND BODY!!
This past year has been one of the most difficult years I have ever experienced and it has truly been fitness that has helped me stay on my feet and keep trying….I believe that when ‘Life Gives Us Lemon’s all we can do when we have no more control over a given situation is to ‘Make Lemonade’….this is where my heart turned ….to this goal of Fitter Is Funner so that I could put ‘PURPOSE TO MY PAIN’ and to help others find joy on their JOURNEY towards taking their Life back and Live a more Healthy, Productive and Full Life ….and ‘Refusing to Live an Un-Lived Life’!
My Commitment to you is to help YOU believe in YOUR own strengths, to help YOU towards their fitness goals and above all to HAVE A PARTY EVERY STEP OF THE WAY!!
I Believe that
 ‘A Set Back…is a Set Up For A Come Back’
and that,
‘If we don’t have time for our HEALTH today….We will have to MAKE TIME  for ILLNESS later’

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