Friday, July 26, 2013


Insights from the Farm ~ by Farmacist Greg

Have you considered purging some of those toxins that you are carrying around? Accumulated toxins can be accommodated in the body by storage in fat tissue. Weight loss can be difficult if your body is holding on to the fat in order to store toxic substances to keep them from circulating in the body, causing damage.

Why detoxify?

Since the beginning of the industrial revolution and especially since WW2, we have been exposed to over two million newly manufactured chemicals with very little research on their cumulative effects. Our bodies have had very little time to adjust to their effects. Pesticides, herbicides, air and water pollution and the synthetic chemicals added to our processed foods all add to the burdens on our natural detoxification system. Certain foods and herbs can assist the elimination of these toxins that are over burdening our systems. The accumulation of toxins can overwhelm even the strongest body and skin, resulting in some of these health problems: acne, constipation, allergies, fatigue, bad breath, gastrointestinal disorder, weight issues, skin disorders, bloating, headaches, body odor, etc. So let your food be your medicine. If your organs of elimination are working correctly and we help them to flush out the toxic excesses we will see the benefit of improved health and vitality.

The psyllium husk powder in DetoxiPhi has long been used to detoxify the body. Psyllium husks are seed coatings from the herb Plantain psyllium. When soaked in water the psyllium husks form a muscillaginous coating which is capable of absorbing toxins from the gut. Toxins are then expelled in the feces. The consumption of psyllium has been shown in some studies to reduce cholesterol including the LDL fraction. Psyllium absorbs water to accomplish its bulking action so drink lots of water along with the DetoxiPhi.

Apples contain pectin which binds to toxins and takes them out of your body. Prunes are another fruit in DetoxiPhi that encourage bowel cleansing. A clean healthy bowel allows for detoxification of all the organs and the blood. Apple is a potent blood purifier and also supports the lymphatic system.

DetoxiPhi contains two herbs that encourage bowel peristalsis. Regular bowel movements are important for good health. Cascara sagrada is a powdered bark that induces contraction in the bowels. Small amounts like in DetoxiPhi act as a tonic and act to support the digestive process.  Senna leaf is a potent purgative, helping the elimination of toxins in the bowel and allowing the liver to clean itself up. Cinnamon balances the effects of the other two herbs, preventing cramping.

The benefits of detoxifying your body will include more energy, a greater feeling of well being and less illness. Remember to drink lots of water during your detox. The removal of toxins will improve the overall appearance and functioning of your body. You may see improvements in your skin for example. The skin becomes an accessory excretory organ when our livers are over loaded, causing skin problems like rashes. Skin issues are a warning sign that you may not be eliminating toxins that have accumulated due to diet and environment.

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