Friday, December 20, 2013

Cindy Whitmarsh - No Bloat Belly Workout

Cindy Whitmarsh - No Bloat Belly 

New! Cindy Whitmarsh's UFIT Ultra Tight

Backcover description: Get 6-pack abs and a hard body with ultra focused interval training! Do you w...
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Cindy Whitmarsh's UFIT Ultra Tight

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Aerobics impact:Higher
Aerobics choreography:Basic
Toning emphasis:Total body
Instructor:Cindy Whitmarsh
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Certified instructor description: Two aero/tone interval workouts — one sculpts your entire body, the other is laser-focused on your abdominals. Both programs alternate varied toning progressions with short cardio intervals (always fast enough to keep you burning fat throughout the entire workout). The total-body program maximizes toning with varied intervals of multi-muscle exercises (sculpting two body areas at once). The cardio segments range from standing plyo-jumps to floor-based “plank jacks.” The abs program begins with standing aero/tone exercises like sidebends and torso twists. Then it's down on the floor for roll-ups and bicycles alternated with mountain climbers and “spiderman spinovers.” Optional modifications are often shown. Requires 2 to 5 lb. dumbbells. ©2013.
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Cindy Whitmarsh's UFIT Ultra Tight

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