Saturday, May 16, 2015


is not a night for making love
for fingertips gently brushing
soft kisses and gentle breaths.
There is time enough
in life for that.

Tonight, love me hard:

devour me like the apocalypse
is coming and this is the last time you will
inhale the scent of me or savour my skin.
Hold me like you will never, ever
have the flesh of another being close to yours again.
Memorize me with fierce touches,
hold my face between your palms
and burn my image
on your retinas.

Feast on me like you are a prisoner sentenced to death

and I am your last meal.

Let us love like we are on a sinking ship
and we know there is no rescue boat.
If there is darkness, let me go into it
with my burning limbs intertwined with yours,
and your name echoing in my ears.

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