Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Have I said Thank YOU Lately?

2017 These are a Few of My Favorite Things!

  • Thank you for my health and strength
  • Thank you for the gifts of birth of my 3 children
  • Thank you for an honorable Man of God that I married 33 years ago
  • Thank you for Forgiveness, in my imperfections
  • Thank you for a New Day
  • Thank you for dear friends that have made my life full
  • Thank you for our animals we have and have lost, Khi, Khi, Speedy, Bella and Yhetti
  • Thank you for My extended family, especially my sissy, Julie
  • Thank you for strength received and earned through affliction and trials on this School Of Life I walk everyday!
  • Thank you for the understanding of how 'LOVE' HEALS US NO MATTER WHAT SITUATION WE FIND OURSELVES!
  • Thank you so much for MUSIC my personal therapist
  • Thank you for the beauties of this GORGEOUS EARTH
  • Thank you for 'New Adventures', that spark a drive in my heart and soul
  • Thank you for recovery, healing and new change when needed
  • Thank you for fantastic travels to see this great earth and culture
  • Thank you for the lessons I continue to learn and the evolution of stepping away and stepping in while my children are evolving and growing in their own spaces
  • Thank your for 1st, 2nd and 3rd chances, I love YOU
  • Thank you for gifts and talents that you have given me to fulfill joy in this life
  • Thank you for singing, feeling, loving and gaining hope through musical expression
  • Thank you for a New Year 2017 quickly approaching and all the happiness I can make of all situations and the abundance of blessing I have in my life
  • Thank you for being you and loving me!

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