Friday, November 4, 2016

Too Beautiful For Words....The MOTHER'S OF ALL LIVING!

  • chakabarsWhen I look at you I see magic.
    All the hopes and dreams of purposeful creation.
    The only matter that matters to me, carrying souls from the spiritual world to here and on to their next destination.
    The world seeks to destroy you, if they can't hold you without force the want to control you.
    All men came from you and love you so much, they spend the rest of their lives trying to get back inside of you.
    Not knowing that you live in them, hating you, they are hating themselves as all men are half woman. Our scrotums were formed from labia and our testes were ovaries. We have nipples because we all started out as women. So men are scared of you. Especially those men with the least melanin. Many of them raped you for hundreds of years, all the while they had wives lacking melanin, but they would still rape you because they wanted to dominate the creation of life itself.
    No more, your Kings are waking up and we will literally die to defend you. All who will not die for you, are not kings but fallen men who you don't need or want, because until they realise that we can't rise without you, we are useless.
    In ancient Africa we called god Mother/Father God because intelligent Africans couldn't conceive of a man being balanced on his own. Now you have these foolish men talking about Father, Son and Ghost.
    They killed you, yet they expect to live a normal life when they removed a part of themselves from their belief systems.
    History never #herstory
    Men and our egos, when will we find balance. I have spent more time with and talking to women than I have men, because I realised that men are pretty mad until they unlearn sexism. This is why I am wise. The cognitive dissonance in most men is huge and people don't function well with this level of dissonance that they are invested in.
    It's pathetic the rhetoric that we are told (by men) is the "true way". There is no truth without you. All envy and are scared of you. Because they are living a lie and yet you have always been the truth... #chakabars

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