Thursday, September 27, 2012

Water is Magic
Water makes me feel refreshed, clean and like a whole new person. I love everything from drinking a glass of water, to being by the water, and even my late night baths. Water literally clears your mind, because it is composed of about 70% water. I have learned to enjoy morning showers. The water is invigorating and I have fun singing in the shower. I may not have the best voice, but it gives me a chance to express myself and just be me.
It’s almost summertime now, and one of my favorite things is to go to the beach. I love the sound of the crashing waves, the smell of the salt air, the wide-open expansive space and the feeling that I am alive and free. I still love making sand castles and picking up unusual shells. I even have a shell I picked up many years ago in Florida as a kid. It’s a pink conk shell and it reminds me of the sound of the ocean and being with my grandparents as a little girl.
Being by the water is a time to contemplate where you are in your life, where you might want to go, who you want to spend time with and what really makes you happy. And if you stop and look around you, being near a body of water on a beautiful, sunny day, you’ll experience true happiness.
So get outside, go to the beach, a lake or a stream and bathe in it. Drink some water, swim in the ocean and put your hands up in the sky and say, “I am alive, I am happy, I am free and I am loving my life today.”
And don’t forget to DRINK water. Remember, up to 60% of the human body is water. Water is not only a necessity; it’s a gift. It’s magical. We are surrounded by water. So drink it, bathe in it and listen to the healing sounds on a rainy day. Water is magic and so are you. Abracadabra

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