Wednesday, October 3, 2012

What Are You Committed To?
I have found that when I am committed to doing something and have incredible passion for it, it makes me feel good and truly happy. Being committed to something means having clarity of what you want to do and how you want to go about doing it. It’s being consistent and having conviction in how you tell your story. We all have experiences in life. It’s the memories, the actions and the doing in your life that truly make you happy. It’s not material things, but the people and relationships that you create for yourself.
 Just this past week, my father was honored with The Torch of Liberty award for A.D.L. (The Anti-Defamation League). It was really incredible to see 350 people stand up and applaud my father. His very good friend, Marvin, presented him with the award. Marvin spoke about how my father has been committed to the community by creating awareness for the day school, serving on boards and raising substantial amounts of money for juvenile diabetes. He was also the president of an organization that gives summer-camp-scholarships to less fortunate children, as well as serving on the board at Saint Raphael’s Hospital.
 What was so beautiful about Marvin’s speech was when he talked about how my father is so committed to making a difference in the community, truly helping people have better lives. How he does all of this because he cares. It’s not for the award or the prestige, but because he is committed to helping and caring for people, bettering their community.
 What really struck a chord with me was a text my dad received from my nephew (his grandson) Marc the day after the event. He said: “Hey papa, I had a great time last night & I’m so proud of u. It was very impressive 2 have all those people there just 4 u. I hope that when I’m older I can do what u do & maybe u’ll come 2 a dinner like that 4 me.”

 When we help out and reach others, we naturally feel better about ourselves. There is an effortlessly calming and satisfying feeling that comes over us, knowing we are making a difference. Maybe this is something that you want to consider. What is it that you are committed to? Is it your job, your children or your relationship, or contributing to your community?
 Being committed to something puts you on a path that leads you in a positive, forward direction. Perhaps you can take a moment and consider where you want to make a difference. As I said, experiences create happiness. Aren’t you ready to be happy?

Kathy Babcock

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